What Makes Breathe Move Be Well Holistic Center Different?

We’re a small, women owned business that understands and cares about the well being of our community – both locally and globally.  We wish to provide only the best service, products and guidance that we ourselves use and trust to help support our inherent wellness. We also love inspiring and supporting holistic, joy-filled living through Pilates and other mind, body, spirit practices!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an amazing movement program which uniformly develops, strengthens and restores the body. Through the movements, Pilates relieves stress for the body, mind and emotions, supporting an uplifted posture and relationship with oneself and with life. Learn More About Pilates!

Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) originally created Contrology, later known as Pilates, to help remedy various health ailments he experienced as a child.  By using the mind to “control” the body through the regular practice of his own exercises and by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, Joseph restored his well being and enjoyed many vigorous activities such as skiing, boxing, martial arts and circus arts.

While interned during the first World War on the Isle of Man, Pilates shared his exercise regime with injured and nonambulatory detainees, using the hospital bed springs to help move the limbs.  This is how his Reformer apparatus came into being.

Following the war, Pilates returned to his home country of Germany, where he was invited to train the German military using his methodology.  Pilates instead emigrated to NYC in 1925 where he and his wife, Claire, whom he meant on the boat, opened a Pilates studio and soon became known in the dance community.   Over the years, Pilates gained popularity for being a sound system for strengthening the core/power house, increasing flexibility of the muscles, reconditioning injuries and for uniting the mind, body, breath and spirit through movement.

Pilates is based on several principles including:

  • Breathing
  • Concentration
  • Core/Power house
  • Precision
  • Control
  • Fluidity

Wikipedia also provides a great explanation of Pilates; here’s the link:


What is Scoliosis/Scolio-Pilates? Can I do Pilates if I have Scoliosis?

Yes! Pilates is great for those with Scoliosis. Just ask Gaby, our resident expert on Scolio-Pilates. SCOLIO-PILATES® www.scoliosisbalancecollective.com

Scoliosis is a spine deformity that affects approximately 6 million living in the United States, or 2-3% of the population. There is no known cure.  Those living with scoliosis may be impacted with quality of life changes, including limited activity, pain, reduced lung capacity and diminished self-esteem. Learn More About Scoliosis!

Currently, management of scoliosis includes observation, bracing and surgery.  But there is a fourth option making its way into public awareness. That option is a specialized exercise program, or Scolio-Pilates®.  Scolio-Pilates® is a three-dimensional exercise program with the goal of re-aligning the spine towards neutral followed by adding breathing and strengthening techniques to assist the spine in its new alignment. The goal of Scolio-Pilates® founder Karena Thek,  is not to negate the viable options of observation, bracing, and surgery, but to make available another option — exercise which studies have shown can reduce curvature and pain for those living with scoliosis.

How does it work? There are 5 components to help bring the spine towards neutral that make up Scolio-Pilates®:
Elongation techniques. Elongation, like traction, maximizes the movement already available to the spine. The spine elongates and the curves of scoliosis arrange themselves in a more neutral alignment.
Breathing techniques. From the 2nd century AD, the celebrated physician, Galen, was recommending breathing techniques for scoliosis patients. The reason? Because lung complications can occur with scoliosis. The breathing techniques in Scolio-Pilates® use the latest studies and techniques from our 21st century scientists.
Wedging the spine towards neutral. Founder, Karena Thek, has designed Scolio-Wedges™ to assist moving the rotations and convexities of the spine towards neutral. With proper use, the Scolio-wedges™ can provide relief and ease of breathing, but most importantly they assist the spine moving towards neutral for optimal strengthening.
Strengthening. Strengthening of the scoliotic spine was first brought to the forefront by Katharina Schroth of the Schroth Method (20th century). It was Katharina who first emphasized the importance of not just elongating or breathing to move the spine towards neutral but to strengthen once a more neutral spine is achieved.
Connective tissue (fascia) training. Fresh from the first Fascia Conference in 2007, comes new information about what can be done to change the very structure of the connective tissue that is holding the scoliotic spine in its aberrant shape. Fascia training has a different focus than strength training and the combination of the two can create a combined result of strength and stability.

The number of Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioners worldwide is small but growing. Currently there are only 14 practitioners, worldwide (8 in the United States, 1 in Canada, 2 in Demark, 1 in United Kingdom, and 2 in South Korea). These practitioners are Pilates Instructors and physical therapists that have gone through not only the initial apprentice-level training for Scolio-Pilates® but have chosen to continue with the advanced, Mentorship training course.  Upon successful completion of the Mentorship course, the graduates are Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioners.  These practitioners not only instruct students in their communities but they collect Scolio-Pilates® method and practice data results for use in case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of a three-dimensional exercise technique in managing scoliosis.

Out of the 14 practitioners worldwide, we are fortunate enough, that here in Orinda, California we have one of those 14, Gaby Diskin.  Gaby is committed to sharing the techniques of Scolio-Pilates® in order to achieve the ultimate goal of Scolio-Pilates®: to help those living with scoliosis and to add three-dimensional exercise as a recognized and viable option to the management of scoliosis.

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