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Breathe Move Be Well values community, relationship and mutual support.  Below are businesses that provide valuable wellness services which we’d like you to know about.  Please mention “BMBW” when you visit the websites of our friends to learn more about their services and to redeem their special offers, created just for you!

The Art of Being Present

The Breema Clinic


We offer a unique, deeply transformational form of support centered around Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises, based on the Nine Universal Principles of Harmony.  The purpose of Breema is to create harmony and balance between your mind, feelings, and body, and in your relationship to yourself, to others, and to all life.  We invite you to experience the deep rejuvenation and essential nourishment that comes from receiving Breema, and to discover how much Breema can support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

 4 Complete Bodywork sessions for only $150 ($25 discount)
$50 off Initial Session with Breema Clinic Director Jon Schreiber
Visit www.breemahealth.com & at time of payment, say ‘BMBW’ to redeem!


Health Is Beautiful!

Grateful Body Skin Care


Grateful Body is your Berkeley-based, family-owned & operated source of truly pure, truly vital botanical skin care. Since 1998, as one of the first natural skin care companies, our mission has been to support women to cherish themselves and their health by creating products that demonstrate the power of nature to heal, nurture, and beautify the skin. This is skin care so natural and free of synthetics you could eat it!

20% off entire order!
Visit www.gratefulbody.com & enter ‘BMBW’ at checkout! 


Bringing Your Written Treasures Into the World!

Writing from the Deeper Self/RosePress



When we are in touch with our true nature, writing happens naturally and joyfully. The mind, the heart, the body, and the soul all “conspire” to bring us to an expression of what we most need, in a way that heals us as well as those we share our writing with. Whether writing a long work like a book, a short work like an article, essay or website, or writing to heal yourself, Writing from the Deeper Self offers a fruitful, powerful path to wholeness and honoring yourself by listening to yourself. Whether just for you or for publication, this approach heals. Naomi Rose is an award-winning writer and book developer, with over 30 years’ experience in the publications field, who has midwifed many a healing written work.

Rose Press ~ “Books & Other Fragrant Offerings to Bring You Home to Yourself”~
is the publication offshoot of Writing from the Deeper Self. We have books on the
creative process, money and the inner life, and healing, as well as flower essence
remedies to aid and enhance the creative process.

 ½-hour session with Naomi Rose for only $50, along with two Rose Press Flower Essence Remedies for Writers of your choice. (A $40 value)
Special introductory 1-hour session with Naomi Rose (in person or by phone) to explore developing the book of your heart, for only $35 (Usual rate: $85-$120/hr)
Visit www.essentialwriting.com, then email Naomi with ‘BMBW’ in the subject line!

NYR Organics

NYR Organic – Michele Gachowski


We’re passionate about transforming people’s lives, educating and empowering them on how to live more healthily through the power of nature.  Our formulations must benefit mind, body, and well-being, use potent herbs, oils, and extracts, and meet our own incredibly high standards of efficacy.

 5% off product order & free travel size gift
$10 off of $60 product order
Visit us.nyrorganic.com/shop/MicheleGachowski & select  ‘sent to consultant via BMBW’ for discount to be applied!


GreenKey Real Estate & Diskin Pilates

GreenKey Real Estate & Diskin Pilates – Gaby Diskin



Gaby has background is in Property Management and Interior Design. She started her real estate career in the late 1990’s and has been a listing specialist since 2002.  She is also a staging professional preparing seller’s homes for maximum profit!

Gaby joined Green Key Real Estate East Bay in 2008 and is a Green Building Professional. Gaby’s passion is to inspire and educate her clients to integrate their mind and body with quality environments through smarter choices and healthier resources.

Free Real Estate Consultation for selling or buying your next home!
Contact Gaby & say “BMBW” referred you to redeem your discount!



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