Pilates at Breathe Move Be Well with Bridget

“I can’t tell you how much I love your classes.  I have become much stronger.  Thank you for working with me on my back.  It is feeling just great today.  I really feel that my legs were worked, I love it!  You are the best instructor in the world!” – Claudia Thomas

“Thank you again for being such a wonderful pilates instructor! I really enjoyed your classes I attended while I was home from school, and just wish I could have stayed for more!” –Whitney Frey

“Pilates with Bridget McCarthy has been key to my recovery from sciatica nerve and chronic back pain.  Some time ago, my sciatica nerve re-inflamed for the third time and the pain was debilitating. My doctors recommended surgery but with newborn twins at home, I chose to delay surgery.  I was taking high levels of pain medication so I decided to try Pilates equipment sessions to help me reduce the pain and medication. My sciatica started improving a few weeks after I began Pilates and the pain has steadily declined ever since.  I was finally able to stop taking the last of the medication and today I have 90% of the mobility I previously had. In addition, my chronic back pain, which I’ve had for a couple decades, is much better.  Accordingly, I’m optimistic that I can avoid surgery for good and I attribute my recovery to a strong core and improved posture, courtesy of my instructor Bridget McCarthy.” -Erik Suppiger

“We are a reflection of your excellent guidance and training! Your joy and spirit envelope us in every class. I thank the Goddesses for bringing you to us! I just had to let you know that you broke a record in Pilates today! I got my heartrate up to a max of 155 and burned 309 calories!! I don’t think we’ve ever had a class where the calories were over 250!…usually it’s just over 200. You go girl!!” – Carla RaffettoRead More Testimonials of Pilates with Bridget!

“Thanks for all your great teaching Bridget!! I’m much better for it and I appreciate your work.  Truly!!  All the back work we’ve done really helped my waterskiing.  I felt very locked-in as I water-skiied.  It was great!”  Best, Lynne

“Bridget is a truly inspired person and teacher. I first met her when I started taking Pilates. She has extensive knowledge of the human body (muscles, bones, structure) and was able to use that knowledge to realign my body. Bridget is extremely talented, and her classes are never the same. She includes principles of Pilates, yoga, dance, tai chi and strength training to produce a fun, challenging workout. Bridget’s classes and her encouragement inspired me to become a Pilates teacher. In fact, I have hired her to do an intensive Pilates workshop for me to enhance my teaching skills. I LOVE learning from Bridget and being with her. She exudes warmth, humor, intensity, passion and spirituality. I always feel better about myself and life after spending time with Bridget. She is a very special soul.” Linda Davis

“Thank you for all your efforts to help us become more fit.  I really believe in your class and enjoy it a lot.  Our Pilates class is important to me … I just want to say thank you so much for your great class.” Janet Mertes

“Anna, my 12 year old daughter, said on the way home that she wouldn’t be as willing to do the Pilates if it weren’t for you.  Thanks for getting her moving!!” – Lynne Royer

“I have been taking Pilates classes from Bridget for 5 years now. Wow. Who would have thought. I was told that Pilates was something I might enjoy doing and the fates brought me to Bridget. In fact, I was one of her very first clients. I found Pilates to be something I could really commit to and as the years passed I found it almost addictive. Bridget played a big part in that. She makes classes motivating & challenging but also fun and inspiring. I have never felt better but have also never been so consistent showing up for classes in my life. I love her, highly recommend her and will always be a loyal fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dina

“Thank you for helping keep us healthy. You are a great asset to our community.” – L.S.

“[Your Center] is definitely a place I love to go and I know many others feel the same.” – T.J.

“Bridget McCarthy has been my Pilates instructor for over two years. Bridget is, first of all, charming, knowledgeable, patient, good humored, and an excellent instructor. I have been thrilled by the improvements I have seen in my strength, flexibility and balance during the time I have been working with her.  Bridget does not hesitate to challenge me to push myself, but does so with encouragement and gentleness.  Bridget is fantastic!” Suzanne Chapot

“After 30 years of practicing law when both my wife and I retired, we started taking Pilates classes with Bridget, and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that we did. I feel healthier and more fit than I have in a long time.  Bridget is an incredible instructor. She is patient (I need that), attentive and incredibly informative (I now know where my vastus medialis is located). The classes involve excruciating pain and continuing humiliation (since my wife does everything better than I). In spite of the pain and humiliation, I wouldn’t give up these classes for anything … except for maybe a muffin and some Chai tea. She has made me conscious of my core and happy about my health. She is a wonderful instructor and an even better human being.  It is Bridget’s joy for Pilates, and for life in general, that make each and every class a pleasure to which I look forward. I can’t imagine taking Pilates from anyone other than Bridget.” Paul Mariano

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