Indoor tanning has gained immense popularity amongst people. Sunless tanning offers a plethora of benefits over sun tanning. Moreover, there are various advanced tanning solutions available at any luxury tanning salon. However, tanning under the UV rays without protecting your eyes can damage your eyes. While getting a quick bronze, one should not expose their eyes to the intense ultraviolet rays. If you have any experience with indoor tanning, you might be aware of raccoon eyes. Often, the area around the tanning goggles doesn’t get tanned; this leaves white circles around the eyes called raccoon eyes.

Raccoon eyes due to tanning can leave one looking awkward. Fortunately, there are various ways to cover up or prevent raccoon eyes.

One might think that ditching tanning goggles is the best way to avoid raccoon eyes from appearing. However, doing so can prove more damaging.

Whether you like sun tanning or indoor tanning, you must be aware of UV rays’ damaging effects, especially on the eyes. While our eyes have eyelids to block the entry of light rays, they are fragile. Even if you keep your eyes closed while getting tan, UV rays can still pass through the eyelids and damage your eyes. Exposing your eyes to direct UV rays can cause eye problems like glaucoma, cataract, and even blindness.

In this blog, we have listed some practical tips to avoid raccoon eyes from tanning.

How to Avoid Raccoon Eyes from Tanning?

You can cover up raccoon eyes with simple make-up hacks like contouring. But it’s best to take appropriate steps to prevent white circles from appearing around your eyes.

1. Reposition Your Tanning Goggles

When inside the tanning bed, you can keep repositioning the goggles. The outside of the goggles is designed so that one can adjust it as per the need. You can move the goggles to let the area around the eyes tan evenly. If you are using goggles with an elastic band, move them around often. Ask your closest tanning booth specialist what all eye goggles they have with them. 

2. Disposable Eye Wear

During the coronavirus pandemic, one might not be comfortable using tanning goggles offered at the tanning salons. You can choose to bring your disposable eyewear. Disposable eye goggles are more hygienic as you can use them only once. Disposable goggles are stickers that can be folded as a cone and placed on the eyes. Disposable goggles cover less area, so more area around the eyes gets tanned.

How to Cover Raccoon Eyes?

If you have developed raccoon eyes due to tanning and looking for an effective yet easy fix, try these hacks.

Instead of freaking out over the raccoon eyes, gather some make-up essentials like foundation or highlighter. Use these products around your eyes to cover the white lines and blend the skin with the rest of the skin tone.

Make sure the foundation you are using blends well with the color of your tan. Since the area under our eyes is usually a shade lighter than the rest of the skin, apply lighter foundation color. Also, ensure the foundation is waterproof.